2017-18 School year

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You can find and print any homework assigned in class here

(I will accept missing homework late up to 5 days before I am required to submit grades for the 9 weeks, for up to 75% credit if they are past the original due date) I give homework out 2 days before it is due.

HW28 the inner planets Due 5/20/15

HW27 Why does the moon orbit the earth? ---- Phases of the moon Due 5/13/15

HW26 Whats for lunch? Due 5/7/15

HW25 Whats eating you? due 4-30-15

HW24 Ecosystems due 4-23-15

HW23 Consumer, producer, decomposers due 4-16-15

HW22 Plant parts due 3-30-2015

HW20 Plants are producers due 3-12-2015

HW19 Discussion question Creating the 3 layers of soil due 3-4-15

HW18 The Dust bowl and erosion 1930s america due 2/24/15

HW17 Kinds of soil due 2/12/15

HW16 Water Carves the land due 2/5/15

HW15 The rock cycle due 1/29/15

3rd 9 weeks above here

EXTRA CREDIT DUE NO LATER THAN 1/15/2015 at 11:15am

This is the last chance for extra credit for this 9 week grading period

HW14 Due 1/8/2015
What happens when two continents collide day 3+4

HW13 Due 12/18/14
What happens when two continents collide day 1+2

HW12 Due 12/5/2014

HW10 due 11/20/14

HW9 first homework of the second marking period due 10/27/14

First 9 weeks below this line __

HW 8 Transfer of energy due 10/17/14

HW7 Potential and kinetic energy practice Due 10/10/14

HW6 Matter review due 9/26/14

HW5 Chemical and physical changes worksheet due 9/23/14

HW4 Phases of matter due 9/17/2014

HW3 atoms and matter due 9/11/2014

Here is a helpful link on how to do HW3

HW2 Second homework for the year a word search due 9/8/2014

HW1 First homework of the school year Lab safety due 8/28/14 (use the link below to download it)


Old homework below FROM 8th grade classes 2013-2014 school year below


Homework assignments for the 4th 9 weeks 2013-2014 school year, feel free to print them out and hand them in.

Ecosystems, food webs, & energy transfer EOG review Due 5/16/14

HW4 Due 5/9/14

HW3 Due 4/30/14

Homework on food chains (only my second period class)

HW2 due 4/9/14

HW1 due 4/2/14

Homework assignments for the 3rd 9 weeks 2013-2014 school year, feel free to print them out and hand them in.

Clink on the links below for the homework, if its more than on page all you need to do is print the answer page, or if you would like just do the answers on a lined sheet of paper.