Labs and actives completed in class, that you can complete at home if you didn't hand them in.

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Kahoot ecosystem review played on 5/7/15

Pangea - plate tectonics puzzle 12/5/2014

can be found here on the USGS website click here and print them

Vitruvian man measuring activity on 8/28/14


Old Labs/activities below FROM 8th grade classes 2013-2014 school year below


4th 9 weeks 2013-2014 School year

5/9/2014 Exercise lab activity

4/17/2014 Energy transfer food web (students create a food web using the rubric guide below) counted as a lab grade.

Salmon population graphing population change (counted as classwork)

Coyote vs deer lab activity lesson on Carrying capacities (counted as a lab)
This was a 2 day activity where we went outside to collect our data then the next day we stayed inside and graphed the results and answered some questions on population changes.

3rd 9 weeks 2013-2014 school year

Oobleck Science Lab: A solid or liquid?

Writeup sheet

Guide sheet